The Vivid Vegetarian

Personally, I am very much against the brutality of killing innocent animals for the sake of fulfillment of the desire of human beings; why on earth should we do so? Is not this an unethical act?

After all they too are, a part of the eco system! Many lovers of animal proteins might get infuriated by my logic but I love the way I am. In my opinion, nothing will benefit the human race and give them a healthy and worthy long life than switching to a vegetarian diet. By adopting a well-balanced and well-planned vegetarian diet, we actually contribute towards preservation of the ecology as well as our love for animals, in addition to enjoying the distinct advantages such as:

Guarding against various ailments:

Vegetarian diet serves to guard against ailments such as obesity, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, malignancies, osteoporosis, kidney disease, forgetfulness, joint diseases, stones in the gallbladder etc.The reason being that the majority of diseases are diet-related, so when we try to get most of our calories from vegetables, fruits and grains, we consume more antioxidant- rich diet plus more fiber. Both these factors are beneficial for our bodies.

Maintenance of our body weight within normal limits:

A build up of strong bones:

A balanced vegetarian diet, will supply sufficient quantities of phosphorus, magnesium and vitamin D, all of which are essential for the body to absorb and use calcium

Going easy through menopause:

Since soy, dates, cherries, olives, garlic, plums, raspberries, and yams are a source of phytoestrogens—the plant–based chemical compound that copy the behavior of estrogens, so if these form a part of your diet, your pre-menopausal and menopausal years will be easy-going. Additionally, because menopause is associated with weight gain as well as a slow rate of metabolism, hence a high fiber vegetarian diet is the answer to all such problems related to menopause.

Provision of more energy:

Since too much fat in your bloodstream occlude the arteries, hence a balanced vegetarian diet, comprising whole grains, legumes, fruits, vegetables are so high in complex carbohydrates, that they supply the body with abundance of energizing fuel.

Regularity of bowel movements:

When we eat a lot of vegetables, we consume more fiber, which drives water out of the body, so we are free from constipation, hemorrhoids, fissures, diverticulitis etc

Decreased incidence of environmental contamination:

We the vegetarians could contribute to reduction of environmental adulteration, because the chemical and animal waste runoff from factory farms is responsible for pollution of rivers streams and the environment in general.

Diminution of famine from the world

The majority of all grains produced throughout the world are being fed to the animals, which are being raised for assassination. If the same amount were consumed directly by the individuals, there will be no more famine in the world.

The economization factor

Eating vegetables, grains and fruits instead of animal proteins will serve to economize our budget and save us lots of money.

Rainbow on your meal plate:

Carrots, oranges, mangoes, pumpkins etc are colorful due to carotenoids in them. Leafy vegetables are also dense in carotenoids but their green color is due to their chlorophyll content. Deep colored fruits and vegetables are so because of anthocyanins they contain.

The carotenoids as well as anthocyanins not only add color to our meal plate, but also help us in fighting diseases, by uplifting our immunity.

The mere switch from non-vegetarian to vegetarian diet, will add a couple of years to our life.

~ Written by Tabinda H

Vegetarian Diet Plan – Looking For the Ingredients

If you are a vegetarian, then it is not very difficult to switch your diet to a raw vegetarian diet. Vegetarian diet have been  proven to be healthy for many people, and it gives you more energy to do the tasks you have lined up for to do. Here are some added benefits to the diet, and also the places to shop to get the food you are looking for.


The best and affordable places to go get the things you want are the supermarket. You can find many products there like seeds and nuts to make toppings or sauces for your entrees. You can even try out different types of fruits and vegetables that have not been a part of your regular diet. This will not only keep you motivated about following a raw vegetarian diet, but it will give you varieties of nutrients and the vitamins that your body need to be become healthy. For example, you can try making salad from mangos, and papaya, instead of choosing the more traditional fruits like orange and apples.


You can also go to the supermarket to get the raw food ingredients. Chances are you may even find a recipe or two that you’ll like to try at home while you are picking up your groceries, so be sure to be on the lookout for some great ideas. For example, you can make replicas of your favorite desserts by using ground nuts and oats as pie or cheesecake crust, and lemon juice puree to compliment your fresh fruit topping can be used for a number of raw food dessert recipes.


Vegetarian diet has already helped many people loose weight in a rather healthy way and it is also the easiest natural ways to burn body fat off your body. The reason is that it is mainly due to the fact that most raw food contains high enzymes, which are building blocks for the body that are used to strengthen the function of the muscles and heart, and to enhance vision and motor skills.


Our bodies need enzymes daily in order to function well, and eating raw food gives our body just what we needs to increase energy and concentration. People who are on a raw vegetarian diet may experience less muscle and joint pain, and also less risk of having diseases like fibromyalgia and osteoporosis.

Your Vegetarian Lifestyle – More Ideas For You

If you are looking for ideas for adding some variety to your vegetarian lifestyle, you will be pleased to know that these ideas are not at all hard to come by. You are limited by your imagination If you plan on going on a healthy vegetarian diet, then you can rest assured that the only limitation about the type of food you will have, is limited to what goes through your mind.

When you go on a vegetarian diet, it is very important that you have an assorted variety of whole grains, fruits, legumes, nuts, seeds and vegetables in different meals that you consume. As the old adage goes, variety is the spice of life and by adding variety to your vegetarian diet; you will be making sure that your diet is fun, interesting and nutrient-dense.

Creativity is everything

You need to be creative when you are planning your meals. You can give a boost to the consumption of vegetables and beans that you have, by having these foods at lunch time, instead of just at dinner time. You should make it your goal to have at least one vegetable for lunch and two for dinner. It becomes easier if you plan your meals around a vegetable. A very good entrée could be a baked potato. You can serve this with beans, some sauce and some stewed tomatoes or a few tablespoons of salsa. Else, you could even make a simple meal of pasta and sautéed vegetables.

Try different foods

It is very important that you experiment with as many foods as possible and thus you should try having different kinds of fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, barley, couscous, wheat berries, quinoa, bulgur, etc. You should also try having various international vegetarian cuisines and in this way you are bound to get many ideas for adding some variety to your vegetarian lifestyle.

Good Vegetarian Restaurant in Singapore – Can You Find One?

Finding vegetarian restaurant in Singapore or food courts selling vegetarian dishes is not very difficult. You’ll find countless amounts of food that’s specifically created to suit the diets of many vegetarians.

The vegetarians in Singapore have a variety of food catered to them; from hawker centers, food courts, vegetarian restaurants, there is even a vegetarian section.

Today vegetarians exist around the world, even a large Indian community who live off of a vegetarian diet. A majority of devout Buddhists are against eating meats or other live stock because of the belief that it signifies consuming food at the expense of another sentient living being. Of course, not all vegetarians are Buddhist; some have medical reasons for not being able to eat meat.

Vegetarian food is also one of the healthiest meals you can have. A wide variety of nutrients and minerals are present in most vegetarian meals because of the fact that most of the main ingredients are used from vegetables. It’s been proven that vegetarians have lower cholesterol levels than those who eat meat.

Heart disease, cancer is less likely to affect vegetarians compared to those who eat meat. It’s also found that cases of breast cancer are much lower in countries that have low meat diets. Essentially, vegetables also contain a lot of fiber and nutrients, which improves your digestive system, and give you a better skin complexion. In the long run, your overall well being and body will improve sharply.

There are many vegetarian restaurant in Singapore,  so the next time when you feel like trying out some vegetarian restaurant, look out for one near you.

101 Reasons Why You Need to Go Vegetarian – Part 1


1.  Every year in the UK we feed our livestock enough food to feed 250,000,000 people while in the world 30,000,000 people die of starvation

2.  20 vegetarians can live off the land required by one meat eater

3.  Every 3 seconds a child dies of starvation somewhere in the world

4.  If Americans reduced their meat consumption by 10% it would free 12,000,000 tons of grain – enough to feed 60,000,000 people (the population of Great Britain)

5.  If all Americans became vegetarian, it would free enough grain to feed 600,000,000 people (the population of India)

6.  Intensification in animal farming has displaced 1,000,000’s of people from their traditional lands – eg. indigenous people in south & central america, native americans in north america & crofters in Great Britain – this is continuing today

7.  People displaced from their lands into cities succumb to dietary deficiency, diseases, parasites & opportunistic diseases

8.  In third world countries 1 in 10 babies die before their first birthday

9.  The UK imports £46,000,000 worth of grain from third world countries to feed our livestock

10.  Due to overgrazing 850,000,000 people live on land threatened by desertification & over 230,000,000 already live on land so severely desertified that they are unable to sustain their existence & face imminent starvation

11.  1,000,000,000 people in the west gorging on meat & dairy leave 1,000,000,000 to waste away & 3,500,000,000 teeter on the brink


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